My second act is…active! I’m very involved in my community; promoting and performing in the annual “Spring Swing” fund raiser, serving as a county PEO (precinct election official) and as the county auditor’s representative on the County Compensation Board.

I spent 28 days helping my brother-in-law with spring planting and fall harvest. And because it’s never too late to learn something new, I became a certified pesticide handler to assist with his crop dusting business. 

Working as a SHIIP Counselor has become one of my most gratifying and time-consuming activities.  As a trained volunteer, I meet with those about to turn 65 and those still working after 65 to answer their questions about Medicare.  To date I’ve had 60-70 one on one meetings and presented a “Welcome to Medicare” seminar to 45 attendees.  One of the most satisfying meetings was when I was able to help a Medicare beneficiary save $12,000 on her prescriptions in 2017! 

Darrel S.

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