After teaching elementary school, raising two children, and then working as a Senior Executive Administrative Assistant, I was more than ready to enjoy my life in retirement.  Now I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I want to do; I’m having so much fun.

I found that I love art and have taken painting classes. I’ve tried oil, acrylic, and water. I’ve also done some mosaic work.  But my real passion is pottery–I just love getting my hands in the clay!  I am a hand builder and love molding the clay with my hands. It feels cool and it’s very calming to me. Anything I can do with my hands artistically is what I enjoy doing now in my second chance at a fun life.

I also achieved a big goal when I got my pilot’s license. Flying is fun and it gave me a real sense of accomplishment when I got my license, but to be honest, I’d rather be on the ground creating something artistic.

Another thing that brings me great joy is doing artistic activities with my grandchildren. They think I’m a real artist and are my biggest fans. I like to crochet and make quilts.  I also love to read and to play all sorts of games. Right now I’m in two different Bunko groups and have started playing Mahjong.

I think the secret to staying young at heart is to stay busy with activities you enjoy. In order to find true joy in your second act, just think about what you love and go for it!  Discover your passion and find a way to do it.

-Deborah H.

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