Financial Education

Financial Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  

– Benjamin Franklin

Knowledge and understanding are big elements of financial freedom which can lead to a worry-free opportunity to focus on activities in retirement that leave you with feelings of happiness and fulfillment. What is your dream? Where can you have an impact on others? How do you want to spend the rest of your life? Important questions to answer and once answered it is then time to review the income you will need to fuel the lifestyle you have imagined.

During your working years you invested dollars for your retirement. Now you may be thinking about retiring, you’ve set your retirement date or have already retired. The time has come to tap into your resources to create a lifetime income. You may be asking:

  • Have I saved enough?
  • How much can I safely withdraw and not run out of money?
  • Should inflation be considered?
  • How will I cover my health care needs?

Click here for a list of additional questions to consider.

The financial challenges in retirement include:

  • The ups and downs of the stock market
  • Low interest rates on certificates of deposit
  • Inflation
  • Health care costs
  • The prospect of living several years in retirement

2NDACTLIVES™ is committed to providing guidance to near retirees and retirees on how to answer these questions and more. Click HERE or sign up below to receive our educational blogs and podcast.

“Don’t be afraid of money. Instead face it with courage. In the end, it’s not equities, bonds, commodities, or real estate which will help you achieve financial freedom. It’s your knowledge about money which will make you rich and help you always stay wealthy and financially free.”




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