I’m kind of quirky, I guess. Instead of slowing down and relaxing into a predictable retirement, I’ve chosen to challenge myself and do things that are out of the ordinary in my 2ND Act.

After working for the state for 31 years, I was vested and had a comfortable retirement waiting for me. But I’m a very healthy person with tons of energy so decided to become a realtor after retiring. Real estate may look easy, but it’s not. It is a very tough job in a very competitive field. My first year was difficult, but I didn’t give up and am proud to say I have been part of the top sales team in our company for the past five years running.  I love what I do because I’m constantly learning something new. I like the challenge and enjoy helping people while providing good service beyond their expectations.

My brother inspired me when he went into the Peace Corps after he retired.  He feels that when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations we challenge our brains and emotions and it keeps us healthy.  I tend to agree and so have put myself in very uncomfortable situations to learn new things.  For instance, I took voice lessons and sang in public, even though I have zero singing talent. I also took classes in glass-blowing. For my birthday, I invited 10 people to drive racecars with me! I’ve also taken several exciting trips since retiring.  My favorite was going to South Africa on safari.

I never imagined this is what my retirement would look like or that I would have changed directions like this, but I have absolutely no regrets about how it has all turned out.

Never quit challenging yourself to learn and do new things in retirement.

Peggy F.

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