I believe things I experienced in my 1st Act have built the foundation for a fulfilling 2nd Act! My husband of 46 years and I are a good team – complementing and supporting one another and praying for guidance as each change comes our way. Throughout his career in the Air Force and during his tenure as President of a Christian university, I was given unique opportunities to grow and learn while experiencing new ways to serve.

Supporting families of deployed servicemen, caring for sick children overseas, growing a Hospice program and serving on boards of assistance organizations all helped expand my toolkit of service.

Now a new adventure.  God moved in my life, leading me to begin training as a Lutheran deaconess. Deaconesses are professional church-workers, trained to share Jesus Christ through a ministry of works of mercy, spiritual care, and teaching the Christian faith. This is so much more than just “something new to try”.  This journey involves a spiritual calling, dedication to hundreds of hours of study and field work and a life-long commitment to this vocation.

As I continue towards consecration I’m thrilled and thankful to have found this new way of serving my fellow man.  I’m not sure how this chapter will unfold, but isn’t it great where we can go when we are led?

 Penny C.

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