In retirement I rekindled a love for music that I had in childhood and high school.

As a small boy I sang in the Catholic Church and in county chorus. I also played trumpet and was in the Marine Bugle Corp, but as an adult never really sang apart from church. After retiring, we moved to a small mountain community in North Carolina where I met some guys who were in a band called Fleetwood Folk. They sang mostly Bluegrass Gospel and were looking for a singer. I decided I’d need to take some voice lessons, so I did.

I realized then how much I had missed music all these years! Music is one of the most fulfilling parts of my second act, as it allows me to share and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Perhaps most gratifying is working with elementary students. There’s no music program in the schools here because they can’t afford it. We go in to the classrooms, sing and teach kids about music and instruments. Amazing!

I’m very thankful to have rediscovered music, my life-long passion.

Ron G.

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