Fascinating hobbies and physical exercise are critical for successful retirement.  I’ve been fortunate to enjoy both for the last 7 years.

I enjoy reading and collecting.  Since I am an airplane and helicopter pilot and because my Dad flew in B-17s in WWII, I’ve been acquiring U.S. and Soviet fighter pilot helmets and other historical military memorabilia. My wonderfully altruistic wife allows me the upstairs game room for displays and a place for my Lionel train collection and operating track layout.

When I was 28 and my son was 5, we got into ice hockey by watching the Houston Aeros play.  It looked like so much fun that we learned to ice skate and joined hockey leagues in Houston.  I at 71 and he at 49 have been playing hockey ever since. We play defense together and compete mainly against 20 & 30-year olds. I’m definitely the Pond elder.  Hockey is mainly a position sport, but things happen very quickly – it’s really fast! I’ve had the breath knocked out of me a couple times, strained some muscles and had a few bruises, but it keeps me in shape and is truly an exhausting adrenalin rush every time – I can’t wait to play again.

My best advice:  Exercise/Walk Every Day

                                                                                                                                Ron H.

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