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retirement planning
For all retirement warriors

For all retirement warriors seeking to live their passions, experience their dreams, and make a difference in their 2ND ACT LIFE.

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Committed to Enriching the Retirement Experience

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Retirement only means that it's time for a new adventure!

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Getting prepared for retirement is more than just wondering if you have saved enough money…

A new adventurous life is awaiting you.

Think of us as your retirement consultants.

We will provide guidance on how to make the emotional transition, create a lifestyle that fulfills your passions and dreams and manage your financial resources as you move from an active working life to an active retired life. And as you live that life, we would like to hear about the ways you are sharing your knowledge and skills, your adventures, and how you’re living out your meaning and purpose.

Let’s get started, this will be fun.

financial education for retirement

Emotional Transition

Most people spend more time taking inventory of their finances when getting ready for retirement than considering their emotional preparedness. Preparation is not only about making sure your investment portfolio is in top-notch shape, but also about making sure your head and heart are ready, too.
retirement coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

You’re retired, now what? How will you fill your days? How will you stay connected? You’ve built a life of experiences, skills, interests and abilities that you can now leverage to create a rewarding, full retirement.  Get ready to begin your 2nd Act.
financial education for retirement

Financial Education

You may not be able to eliminate all the financial worries of retirement but you can free yourself from constant fear and anxiety by having a clearer understanding of your income needs and taking an inventory of all your resources. Minimizing financial angst can enable you to experience a more fulfilling life in retirement.

“Retirement only means that it is time for a new adventure.”

— Anonymous

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Forget About It!

As we begin to slowly awaken from the shelter in place orders and rejoin humanity, I’m wondering if our perspective on what’s important has changed.

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2ND ACT Spotlight

Every single day another page is added to our book of life. Some days we close one chapter and begin the next.

As part of the 2NDACTLIVES™ vision we want “To build a community dedicated to creating and living a retired life beyond what had been imagined…

Other people’s stories can be inspiring and empowering to those of us on the same journey. As such, we all would like to hear what you are doing in your next chapter of life, your Second Act.

2ND ACT Escapes

Welcome to 2ND ACT Escapes, where we will provide you with ideas for “living outside the box” in retirement.

On this channel, we will share with you…

– Little known travel destinations within the lower 48 states
– Great tasting recipes that are packed with health benefits
– Movie reviews for a rainy afternoon
– Financial education
– Interviews with experts on how to live a full and active retired life
– Lifestyle tips

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